This project was developed in collaboration with Nick Park, Nicole Teh for our entry to the architectural competition. We came up with an idea of a bathhouse that would be located in the middle of the borderline that separates the North and South Korea.

This Bathhouse was targeted to the labours of the North Korean industrial park and to the tourists visiting South Korea as a part of DMZ tour.

This proposal attempts to mediate the boundary and current tension within the Korean Peninsula. Despite having restricted social interactions, the visitors of North and South Korea share similar sensory experiences (eg. smell, sound, taste, light and heat) within the Bathhouse.


We have decided to locate the Bathhouse along the ‘Third Infiltration Tunnel’ which is the tunnel that North Koreans constructed to invade South Korea and now if a part of the tourist location.



The Third Infiltration Tunnel


Along the 38th Parallel and the Tunnel we decided to introduce a method where the borderline remain apparent to the user’s of the bathhouse, yet provokes the connection with the people that are beyond the borderline.

The proposed temporal movable screen walls along the boundary line allow one to share sensations with the other side, yet able to separate genders and also north and south. In an hopeful event of unification, entire screen along the borderline can be lifted to form one continuous space.




Isometric view



poolperspecFoot Bath Area