Smile To See, 2020

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Smile To See (2020)

Mirror, fabric and camera | 40cm x 35cm

Smile To See is an interactive mirror inspired by my recent experience at the visa centre in UK.

Recent replacement of the registration process at the visa centre from ‘human-to-human’ to ‘computer-to-human’ has caused miss-recognition of my face feature which took multiple tries until it eventually accepted. In order to make myself more recognisable by the computer and its face-recognition algorithm, I had to try open my eyes wider while standing in front of the camera.

Can the artificial intelligent ever be fully conscious? or was it being conscious?

Smile to see was built as a reflection to this experience. To interact with this mirror, you must smile. This mirror is equipped with a supervised learning algorithm that detects your smile and only allows you to see yourself when you are smiling but your lips cannot be wider than 75mm.

This slow interaction with the mirror makes the audiences to experience what it feels like to have your emotion read by the computer and what is it like to feign our emotion to a non-human entity. The compounded expression in the manipulated smile questions what it means to have a relationship with fully conscious artificial intelligent.