WIP : Archi-play

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This is a WIP samples for Gesture based sound installation and spatial music performance. The completed installation and the performance will be presented at Sinchon Theatre, Seoul in January 2021.
This is a collaborative project between Freddie Hong and Sue In Kang, who is a violinist and a sound artist.
This installation will be consisting of architectural features such as the staircase, window, doors, table and chairs, which the actors will be moving around showing various bodily movements involved in using such features. The built structures will have sensors embedded within and create sound as the actor interacts with. A Kinect will also be placed in front of the stage to analysis the movement of the actor in real-time.
Kinect is also connected to a machine learning to recognise the trained gestures. All the sensory values will be connected in TouchDesigner and outputted as a surrounding sound and Light.

Regression test

Classification Test

sneak peak

sneak peak image of a scene

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