Diffusion, 2021

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‘Diffusion’ is a soundscape performance consisting of a live string trio’s improvisional performance, visual projections and digital sound

Three string players and three loudspeakers were positioned in a small theatre with audio visual projection at the front. Inspired by audible and visual indication, musicians improvised music interactively to the sound generated from the loudspeakers, following their direction and physicality. The audience were able to experience the acoustic change and sound diffusion by the movement of the musicians.

Nine concerts were performed, each performances were unique because of the improvisation which iterated in response to the space, audience and intuition of the musicians.

In Diffusion the three string players (cello, viola, and violin) were not given written music to play, instead they improvised the music through interaction with the sounds from the speakers and the moving image (abstract notation/motation) on projection.

Diffusion explore the correlation of improvisation between musicians and electro-acoustic music. 

This concert was a collaborative work between a violinist/composer Sue-In and computational artist Freddie Hong

Trio / Audio Visual projection

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