PLAY! 2023

PLAY! is an interactive installation powered by stable-diffusion AI that explores opportunities for generative image production for architectural forms. This installation invites audiences to engage in an intuitive “play” experience using children’s building blocks. Participants can create realistic architectural visualisations using webcams and stable-diffusions’ image-to-image […]

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Simple steps towards a happier space, 2023

This door requires you to express happiness through your smile in order for it to open. In today’s world, facial recognition technology is becoming increasingly pervasive, allowing our built environment to not only recognise our presence, but also identify our emotional state and other personal […]

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Trail of Moments

The human body is constantly perceiving the world through an endless array of sensations from multiple sensory modalities. It is inherently creative, constantly seeking stimuli for movement in the material and immaterial qualities of our environment, such as space, time, and emotion. “Trail of Moment” […]

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Entangled is an interactive contemporary dance workshop series exploring the creative application of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) during the process of dance making. This project was inspired by the expanding deployment of intelligent and connected devices that now influence how we physically move around the spaces.  The project […]

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Sonic Scenery, 2021

Sonic Scenery (2021) at Gwang-Ju Design Biennale This is an audio-visual landscape exploring the journey of light and darkness. It is a reinterpretation of nature and the dynamicity of an automotive inspired by Porsche’s aerodynamic design and the aesthetics of its curves. This audio-visual work […]

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Diffusion, 2021

‘Diffusion’ is a soundscape performance consisting of a live string trio’s improvisional performance, visual projections and digital sound Three string players and three loudspeakers were positioned in a small theatre with audio visual projection at the front. Inspired by audible and visual indication, musicians improvised […]

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Thermoformed Circuit Board (TCB), 2021

Fabricating 3D printed electronics using desktop printers has become more accessible with recent developments in conductive thermoplastic filaments. Because of their high resistance and difficulties in printing traces in vertical directions, most applications are restricted to capacitive sensing. In this paper, we introduce Thermoformed Circuit […]

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Bonner Road, 2020

‘Bonner Road’ is a soundscape installation and a spatial music performance exploring the translation of an acoustic environment from one location to another. Initially, when the Sinchon theatre invited the violinist Sue In Kang and me to create a performance on architecture and sound, we […]

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Smile to, 2017-2020

Smile-To is a series of work that involve computer-vision and facial expression exploring the theme of ‘what it feels like to have your emotions read by the computer’ Smile To See (2020) Mirror, fabric and camera | 40cm x 35cm Smile To See (2020) is […]

William Morris, 2021

“William Morris” is a series of 3D-printed resin objects. The 3D geometry of these objects was modelled using a computational design tool derived from William Morris’s intricate floral pattern works and his algorithmic approach to design. In this project, Morris’s design methodology is digitised and […]

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Boolean Series, 2021

The Boolean series first started because of a curiosity with the technique of splitting. While additive and subtractive crafting methods are common, the approach of splitting seemed unexplored. In Boolean, two objects are obtained by splitting a single block of material —  like jigsaw pieces […]

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Lotus, 2020

  The Lotus is a bespoke high table inspired by the reflection of light on lotus fields at Paldang lake in Korea. The hand polished steel surface texture of the table recreates the light reflection of the lake onto its surface. The distressed edge of […]