Trail of Moments

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The human body is constantly perceiving the world through an array of sensations from multiple sensory modalities. It is inherently creative, constantly seeking stimuli for movement in the material and immaterial qualities of our environment, such as space, time, and emotion.

“Trail of Moment” is a series of drawing performances that showcases the creative instinct of a dancer and violinist as they improvise together, captured through computer vision. The project uses an interactive multimedia tool to plot the movement of the dancer’s body onto a screen, turning the dancer into a drawing tool and presenting moments of kinaesthetic creativity.

For each drawing, only three features of the body is captured, such as the head and hands, or feet and pelvis. By limiting the features, each drawing becomes more distinctive, and the restriction also provides ideas for movement for both the violinist and dancer.

Drawing #1, Pelvis and Feet

Drawing #2, Head and hands

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