Trail of Moments

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The human body is constantly perceiving the world through an endless array of sensations from multiple sensory modalities. It is inherently creative, constantly seeking stimuli for movement in the material and immaterial qualities of our environment, such as space, time, and emotion.

“Trail of Moment” is a series of performance drawings inspired by Rudolf Laban’s Labanotation, a system that analysis and records human movement into 2D notation.  Similarly, this project showcases the intuition and creativity of a dancer and violinist as they engage in a collaborative improvisational process through drawing. The project employs Kinect to capture specific features of the dancer’s body, which are then projected onto a screen as moving dots and lines of trail, effectively transforming the dancer into a drawing tool that visually represents moments of kinaesthetic creativity inspired by the violinist’s improvisation.

Each drawing is created by capturing only three distinct features of the dancer’s body, such as the head and hands, or feet and pelvis. By limiting the features, each drawing becomes more distinctive and provides a source of inspiration for both the violinist and dancer to explore new and exciting movements.

The final set of each performance comprises a drawing, animation, and performance video, altogether presents the interplay between music, movement, and notations.

Drawing #1, Pelvis and Feet

Drawing #2, Head and hands

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