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Entangled is an interactive contemporary dance workshop series exploring the creative application of Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) during the process of dance making. This project was inspired by the expanding deployment of intelligent and connected devices that now influence how we physically move around the spaces. 

The project is interested in the playful representation of the philosophy of technology, specific to the present-day, how computers observe our bodies through the eyes of computer vision, and how we might find new stimuli in bodily expression from unique experiences gained through embodied interactions. 

Entangled combines three disciplines: a creative technologist, a dancer and a sound artist. We used ‘Machine learning as a common ground to develop a new form of creative expression embodying the ambiguous boundaries between the physical and digital.

This workshop was presented on the 22nd of June at Trinity Laban conservatoire of music and dance. This was an evening of interactive activities where students had a chance to play with the intelligent ‘Things’ that now characterise us. Then we discuss the role of technology in creative practice and its appropriate use.

Visual Artist: Freddie Hong
Sound Artist: Sue-In Kang
Dance Artist: Giacomo Pini

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