Boolean column, 2018


*Boolean is series of styrofoam sculpture cut with specially designed hot-wire cutting instrument that is controlled digitally by game controller.

Split from single rectangular blocks, left side is the exact void of the right side and vice versa. This is neither additive nor subtractive way of sculpting but pure split.

Through multiple trials with the hot-wire cutting instruments, the shape of the styrofoam sculpture reached the tipping point of becoming self-interlocking geometry.

Therefore, both the female and the male parts of this Boolean sculpture achieved the maximum surface area before becoming impossible to separate one from the other without breaking.

This sculptural column consists of 12 Styrofoam geometries sliced from 6 styrofoam blocks. This sculpture can be merged back together to form one perfect rectangular column.

Although it may seems that the blocks are duplicated in array, each blocks are unique as the instrument does not take any computerised instruction but through a real-time instruction sent through the xbox controller.

This project demonstrates an alternative mode of digital fabrication involving the manner both digital and raw material process.



From Butterfly Effect Exhibition at OXO tower Wharf, May 2018

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