World’s Largest Musical Box, 2019

architecture, Interaction Design

Shortlisted proposal for summer camp project 2019.

This Musical box wheel was proposed to be built by 100 young adolescents for the period of summer camp in forest. This proposal was developed in collaboration with Classical Violinist Sue In Kang.



We are very interested in the concept of the musical box as a permanent and physical storage of sound / memory. Through this site-specific installation we like to capture the collective effort of the campers into a musical instrument and a piece of music that is unique to the location.



With the advancement of digital technology access to music has become effortless and the sense of possession we had in the past with our musical collection seem lost. As a challenge against this, we wish to collaborate with the campers to compose a short music together on site and store it physically in this musical box. As people rotate the wheel by walking inside, dowels attached to the wheel will trigger the mallets and vibraphone will start playing the music. Vibraphone as a percussion instruments creates a loud and clear sound that we believe will harmonise beautifully with the ambient noise of the surroundings.