(Anti)Voice-loop, 2019




Anti]Voice loop, (2019)
By Freddie Hong and Philip Liu

[Anti]Voice loop is audience engaging ‘kinetic-sound installation’ inspired by the aesthetical and functional aspects of the different types of propaganda speakers found in internationally but more specifically in Korea (North & South) and by the typical behavior of propagandists. This installation is about voice and its antithesis, noise.

The installation consists of 4 speakers of two different types, super-directional at lower half of the tower that emit voices and semi-directional at upper half that generates noises. These speakers rotate around the steel structure continuously seeking for its audiences. The voices are synthesised from half-random alphabets which its arrangement is determined by the environmental noise and therefore both the voice and the noise have no meanings. They only symbolises dissemination of arbitrary information and the technologies that distracts it.

If the audience with the receiver worn around their head walks into the zone of super-directional speaker. The small speaker on their head starts to loop the voice recorded from the tower. Thus as the audience walks around the space, they are carrying the sound with them spreading the voice of the tower. This way the audience become the extension of the tower and audience themselves continuously re-configure the soundscape of the space. This is re-creation of the travel of information by propaganda speakers in a confined space.

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